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Civil Services Academy (Walton Campus) is one of the oldest public sector training institutions of Pakistan. Its main objective is to train the newly recruited CSS officers of different Central Services. Civil Service Academy has almost 40,000 books on different subjects and main purpose of CSA Library is to continue facilitation to probationary officers by providing them a study environment and up-to-date collection because books are not only the source of knowledge but also the means to discover the work beyond reality and imperfection. Syndicate Research is an essential graded activity of CTP Programme. The main purpose of this activity is to provide opportunity to probationary officers to conduct meaningful research on selected topics on social, economics and public sector issues. CSA has bifurcated the Syndicate activity into two components i.e. On Campus Syndicate Research work at Walton Campus CSA and off-campus Syndicate work with renowned Lahore based Research Centres. On-Campus Syndicate Research is supervised by academy appointed Syndicate Advisor and research coordinators, while Off-campus Syndicate Research is supervised by senior researcher appointed by the renowned research centre based in Lahore, like Burki Institute of Public Policy (BIPP), Centers for Public Policy and Governance, FCC University, Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) etc. The main expectation from Probationers is to acquaint themselves with the research methodology and the application aspect of the research procedure. Each individual member of syndicate and RAAG is evaluated separately through a comprehensive Assessment Mechanism.

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